Wheat Consumption Chart

Wheat berries are excellent for baking healthy bread and long term food storage, but how much do you really need? There are a few variables to consider. Do you casually mill flour at home for special occasions? Do you mill every day to feed your family? Do you bake bread and pastries to share or sell?

Everyone’s lifestyle is different. We have developed a handy chart to help you plan your wheat consumption. Just estimate how many loaves of bread you consume in a week, and the chart will tell you how many lbs. you need per week, month, and year. Our 5-gallon buckets contain 35 lb of wheat berries.*

Wheat Berries - Consumption Chart - Everlasting Harvest

* If you also bake other items like cookies, pancakes, muffins, etc., you should add an additional 25% to the final weight.