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Presto Precise Digital Electric Pressure Canner - 12 Qt

Presto Precise Digital Electric Pressure Canner - 12 Qt

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The first digital pressure canner that meets USDA home canning guidelines for safely processing meats, poultry, fish, vegetables, and other low-acid foods.

An innovative sensor holds the exact temperature required for safe pressure canning. No adjustments are needed, even for pressure canning at high altitudes.

The easy-to-use digital display guides you through each step of the canning process. The built-in timer assures accurate, reliable processing.

Doubles as a boiling water canner for preserving fruits, jams, jellies, pickles, and salsa.

Preheats canning jars and keeps them hot until filled and ready to process.

Cool and energy efficient. Holds heat inside the canner keeping your kitchen cooler. More efficient than processing on a high-wattage burner or gas stove. Plus, canned foods are shelf stable, saving freezer space and the energy required by freezers. Just place jars in the pantry until ready to use.

Complete instruction/recipe book contains easy-to-follow procedures and recipes using standard processing times following USDA guidelines. Also includes an easy-to-reference Quickstart Guide.

Ten built-in safety features include a cover locking system and an alert symbol that indicates an incomplete canning process.

Removable pot with nonstick surface inside and out for easy cleaning.

Regular Mason jar capacity: 10 half-pints, 8 pints, or 5 quarts for pressure canning. 10 half-pints and 8 pints for boiling water canning.

One-year limited warranty.

120 Volts AC, 1485 Watts.

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