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Everlasting Harvest

Wildflower Honey Pure Raw Local - 1 Lb.

Wildflower Honey Pure Raw Local - 1 Lb.

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Castle Rock Honey is located in Fayetteville, GA & harvests honey from different cities in Georgia. Wildflower Honey is harvested in the Peachtree City, GA area.

Studies show that consuming local, unprocessed, seasonal wildflower honey can serve as a helpful adjunct to controlling allergy symptoms. Allergy shots are a well-known method of treating allergies by administering slow, small repeated exposure to the allergen. Oral consumption of local, seasonal honey utilizes the same theory of small exposure to the allergens found in the local pollen. When bees pollinate flowers, they carry some of the pollen back to the hive where the honey is produced. Honey collected from the local hives contains the pollen of the surrounding areas that circulate in the air and can cause allergies.

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